A Few days in.

It’s Thursday night, and taking a moment to get caught up here before dinner.

Had most of today and yesterday off after a few days of tests, re-tests, various meetings, etc.  A buddy from Parker happened to be out here Tuesday for work so we went to get some sushi, which was nice, and last night a longtime friend of my wife was out here from Colorado Springs so she came over to the villa for dinner.  I still need to hit In n’ Out but it’ll happen before I go into the hospital.  And Mastros.

Ariana has slept well the last two nights — not so much the first 3, so that’s good.  She seems to be teething a bit and that plus a new place was quite a bit for her to deal with.  She’s still a lil’ crabby but hopefully will get back to normal soon.  We all took a walk today — probably mentioned it but Amy found a place that rented us a crib, stroller and some toys for her, so we busted out the stroller and got some exercise in.

Had a class today with a 15-year nurse in the program about the transplant.  No real news to me but was interesting.  Hard to believe this is really happening.  She went through all of the side effects and what to expect — sounds like the chemo is going to fuck me up pretty good and then the week or two without an immune system is supposed to suck.  But they have wifi and an exercise bike sorta deal in my room, so whatever.  A few weeks of hell for several years of remission is a small sacrifice.

The manager here at the Normandie cut me a deal on March, so we’re going to keep the villa for another month.  That gives Amy some freedom to leave things here if she goes home and to stay if she wants, and takes the pressure off of having to find a place to stay for 2-4 weeks after I get out of the hospital in mid/late March.

Doing OK mentally and emotionally for the most part.  As I get closer to the cell harvesting I feel a bit of walking to the gallows-ish though.  And I miss Mischief.

In other random news one of my best friend’s mother died this week.  It feels bad being out here with that having happened, impotent to do anything.  And then I get a call today and my parents were in a head-on collision on 285 at 50 miles an hour — a propane truck turned right in front of them.  My dad is bruised and my mother broke both her legs, has a compressed disk and is being monitored for internal bleeding due to the seat belt.  Guessing that means they won’t be coming out when I’m in the hospital, which is a bummer.

Author: uwfacepalm

Father, husband, portfolio manager, cancer victim (multiple myeloma since 2013). Trying to navigate this goddamn disease as best I can while enjoying what time I have left via those relationships, friends, the UFC, gaming, MMJ, diving and helping teach it before this all went down as a PADI Assistant Instructor and a Dive Guide at the Denver Aquarium (well, before my white blood cell count went to shit thanks to the chemo/disease).

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