Spoke too soon.

Developed a temperature yesterday and spent the entire day asleep except to wake up and hydrate.  Leaking/seeping from part of my stomach through every t-shirt and blanket I put on to avoid the chills, which is impossible because I’m sweating so much when I’m asleep I’m scared of drowning.  Every time I cough it hurts all the way through my stomach, which is not a fun feeling.  Meeting with the surgeon tomorrow morning, early, while dosing myself with oxy’s and cough meds.

You know I’ve been dealing with some hardcore medical stuff now daily for four years and I’ll be honest, I’m fucking sick of it.

Author: uwfacepalm

Father, husband, portfolio manager, cancer victim (multiple myeloma since 2013). Trying to navigate this goddamn disease as best I can while enjoying what time I have left via those relationships, friends, the UFC, gaming, MMJ, diving and helping teach it before this all went down as a PADI Assistant Instructor and a Dive Guide at the Denver Aquarium (well, before my white blood cell count went to shit thanks to the chemo/disease).

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