I have a draft of an entry on the devil pharmaceutical (Dexamethasone, for those not familiar with myeloma treatments), but while I polish and focus it a bit more I wanted to share a picture.

This morning a good friend of mine shared this article and it reminded me of this meme, which is funny but also kind of true, isn’t it?


Not to throw shade at science but sometimes you wonder if in some areas we’ve gone too far — I read or experience all of the time how effective natural remedies are, and for fairly serious things too.  Google “ayahuasca,” “ibogaine” or “psilocybin mushroom ptsd” some day when you have some time, really interesting.


Author: uwfacepalm

Father, husband, portfolio manager, cancer victim (multiple myeloma since 2013). Trying to navigate this goddamn disease as best I can while enjoying what time I have left via those relationships, friends, the UFC, gaming, MMJ, diving and helping teach it before this all went down as a PADI Assistant Instructor and a Dive Guide at the Denver Aquarium (well, before my white blood cell count went to shit thanks to the chemo/disease).

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