Round two, day two.

Welcome to the second day of VTD-PACE, round 2. Tried to write yesterday but just wasn’t happening.

Obviously hoping for good results this time as well. If I could limit this to two cycles that’d be ideal, although if working well a third makes sense. I would like a break from this, however — the side effects last right up until the next cycle so my quality of life never really rebounds.  On the bright side, Megan (PA from CBCI) seems to have solved my upper GI issues by doubling my Prilosec prescription (the OTC is 10, I think? I’m at 40 now) and giving me a cocktail of Maalox laced with Lidocaine. Only taken that 1-2 times (the cocktail) but I have no more GI issues, so yay!

Also doing a third cycle puts off the stem cell transplant.  I don’t mind a transplant per se but living in the hospital for almost a month sucks.  Bigtime.  Doing it close to home seems like it’d almost be worse if that makes sense as well — knowing that just outside your window is your life but you can’t access it like some short-term prisoner?  Blech.

Need to investigate edibles as well before then, because, um, yeah. BORED.

Of course the other side effect that I was waiting for has arrived, the loss of my hair.  It started falling out this past Friday (on a black shirt day, of course). Typically it only fell out of the center of my head, making me look like a cross between a poster child for male pattern baldness and Johnny Depp in that flick he did about Whitey Bulger. Anyways, here’s the obligatory cancer cue ball picture:

Looks about the same to me but then again I was already shaving my head with a #1. Quite the head tan line now though.

So far so good on the treatment side.  Had a pizza last night, Fat Sully’s of course, to “celebrate” the new cycle starting (food for the soul) and took an Ambien to get some sleep — I remembered having problems getting to sleep last time so I asked my docs to put Ambien on my list so I could get one easily if needed. Really wish I had access to some of my more non-traditional sleep methods but somehow I don’t see that flying here. Other than that it’s been just resting, walking or messing around on the laptop as usual.

I feel … safe. It was a good idea to do this in-patient.  My nurse today, Kellie, is one I know from previous visits and has that professional yet outgoing manner to her that makes you confident you are in good hands.  The irony is that my anxiety has been relatively high lately, but here I am now in the hospital pretty relaxed.  I miss being home, though, and miss my daughter terribly. I got some pictures today of her and her friends from my wife — for some reason Amy gave them the hose, which they then proceeded to mud up three dirt patches near the playset and roll in it like little piggies.  I’m guessing the mother of the twins Amy was watching were not amused, heh:

I’m still baffled they took their shoes off.

Anywho, not much to report here but figured I should stay in touch and keep things updated. My buddy Lance came by on his lunch today which was awesome — it’s hard doing this alone all the time, so a friendly face is definitely welcome.  Need to put together a dinner with him and another buddy of mine as promised but just have not been willing or able to plan anything lately.  Should fix0r that sooner than later. Also need to remember to order cupcakes for the nurses here (found a place that delivers, dangerous) when that charge nurse from last visit is on shift.

Author: uwfacepalm

Father, husband, portfolio manager, cancer victim (multiple myeloma since 2013). Trying to navigate this goddamn disease as best I can while enjoying what time I have left via those relationships, friends, the UFC, gaming, MMJ, diving and helping teach it before this all went down as a PADI Assistant Instructor and a Dive Guide at the Denver Aquarium (well, before my white blood cell count went to shit thanks to the chemo/disease).

One thought on “Round two, day two.”

  1. Well done baldy, looking good mate…Sounds like you’ve got yourself into the ‘hospital mindstate’ which, if you can do it, really helps. I hate the long spells but if I can master the adaptation it makes it miles better, sometimes almost a pleasure. You sort of let go of all responsibilities and someone else becomes boss…a bit like being a kid again. I’m hoping the numbers look great after this round and that you can feel me yourself a nice hat, I personally went for a grey ‘paper’ pork pie. I reckon it would suit you as well.
    Good luck and enjoy the doughnuts.


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