MM Links

Here’s a list of links you may find useful on your Myeloma journey.  Please let me know if you have a link you think should be included or one of these breaks!



  • International Myeloma Foundation – Charity that does a ton in the MM community, including local meetups.  Which they don’t stream because hey, who wants to leave the 1980’s of computing, really.  Hint hint, IMF.
  • The Myeloma Beacon – MM-related news and columns/blogs.
  • Cancer Therapy Advisor’s Myeloma Treatment Regimens Chart – Super handy for eyeballing all of the different mainstream chemotherapies including not only the drug but the dosing guidelines as well.
  • The Mayo Clinic’s mSmart Bag o’ Everything – This is not only the treatment guidelines as used by the Mayo Clinic (who has 25 top doctors all working on our lonely rare lil’ disease) but videos, handy articles … this is probably where I would recommend a newly diagnosed Myeloma victim go for info.
  • ClinicalTrials.Gov – This link is tuned for Myeloma trials.  The only current way to see as many trials possible as you can (but also check other resources, as this is not definitive).
  • Matt vs Myeloma – Great blog by a guy who was diagnosed in 2011. Oh did I mention after diagnosis he climbed Kilimanjaro?

Cancer-Related & Useful Stuffs:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Hey we’ve all thought about it with a cancer diagnosis.  Don’t be afraid to at least surf their website if you are feeling like suck-starting a shotgun might be a good career choice.

Other Stuffs:

  • Tom Araya Scream – Greatest thing ever on the Interwebs.  GREATEST.  THING.  EVER.